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Madam Policy

Dec 18, 2023

** TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains a discussion of death by suicide. Listener discretion is advised.


Award-winning author and former California State Assemblymember, Mary Chung Hayashi, is a trailblazer and a leading advocate for women’s health. Throughout her career, Mary has shaped policy and created history.  In 2006, Mary became the first Korean American woman elected to the California State Assembly. Mary is a fierce healthcare advocate, became the first director of the Asian Pacific Islanders for Choice and later founded the trailblazing National Asian Women’s Health Organization. 


Mary joins host Dee Martin to discuss her new book, Women in Politics: Breaking Down the Barriers to Achieve True Representation. Want to know how Mary and Dee might have crossed paths in the 90’s? What is the “imagination barrier”? Can I still get this book for the women in my life before the holidays? Find out the answer to all of these questions and learn so much more!